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About Us

About Ascent Children’s Health Services

Ascent is a leading provider of community-based programs providing early developmental intervention day treatment services and mental health services to infants, children, adolescents and families in Arkansas.

The Company started in 1988 with one clinic and has grown to 10 day treatment clinics, four outpatient mental health centers and one school-based mental health program. The Company is the largest and most comprehensive provider of its type of services in Arkansas.

Ascent offers a multidisciplinary team at each of its clinics including: audiologists, early childhood development specialists, nutritionists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, social workers, speech-language pathologists and mental health professionals.

Ascent’s origins trace back to an affiliated legal entity that was first incorporated in 1988 with one location in Jonesboro, Arkansas. The Children’s Clinic, a well established pediatric practice in Jonesboro, was instrumental in the start up of what is now Ascent. The Company maintains a close relationship with The Children’s Clinic as several of its pediatricians serve as Medical Directors at four Ascent clinics.

Since its inception, the Company has been accredited as a CHMS clinic by the Arkansas Department of Human Services. In the mid-1990s, Medicaid added a day treatment component to the array of services that were provided and Ascent began a significant expansion in terms of clinics, locations and employees. In 1999, Ascent acquired an Arkansas CHMS provider that added five locations in North Little Rock, Little Rock, Bryant, Blytheville and West Memphis.

Historically, the Company primarily provided early intervention services (CHMS) to young children. There was a clear need identified for increased mental health services in the children that Ascent served. In 2001, five of Ascent’s clinics received CARF accreditation as outpatient and day treatment clinics. In 2003, Ascent’s five remaining clinics were accredited by CARF. These accreditations allowed Ascent to provide expanded mental health services.


Ascent CHS is a Child Health Management Services (CHMS) and Rehabilitative Services for Persons with Mental Illness (RSPMI) provider certified by the Arkansas Department of Health and Department of Medical Services, accredited by CARF, and licensed by the Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education.