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Developmental & Behavioral Health Treatment Programs for Children in Arkansas

Following our mission of offering specialized treatment for each of our patients’ needs, we have a number of special programs and levels of care including day treatment, outpatient therapy and school based treatment.

Ascent CHS offers a full range of CHMS services for qualifying children and their families, including multi-disciplinary diagnosis, evaluation and treatment for the purpose of rehabilitation, early intervention, and prevention of long-term disability. Specific service components to be offered will include audiology, neuropsychology, behavior therapy, nutrition, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, nursing services, and day treatment.

A referral to a CHMS clinic may be made for any medically indicated reason as identified by the child’s Primary Care Physician (PCP). Children may initially be referred by a family member, social service agency, day care center, word of mouth, etc. However, in order to be enrolled in the CHMS program, the PCP must provide a formal written referral.

CHMS clinics serve children who have or are at risk for chronic physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional conditions and who require health and related services. Typical diagnoses for children admitted and treated through the CHMS program include autism, cerebral palsy, cleft palate, diabetes, developmental delay, Down syndrome, epilepsy, failure to thrive, premature birth, sickle cell anemia, speech/language disorders, and fine and gross motor delays.

Upon referral for day treatment, the clinic’s Medical Director completes a physical and our team of specialists completes developmental evaluations on each patient. We have a multi-disciplinary team of qualified staff whose primary focus is the treatment of the patient. These team members include, but are not limited to, Developmental Pediatricians, Pediatric Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychological Examiners, Licensed Counselors, Licensed Occupational, Speech, and Physical Therapists, Licensed Social Workers, Audiologists, Dietitians, Early Childhood Developmental Specialists, and Developmental Technicians.

Findings from the multi-disciplinary evaluation are forwarded to the clinic’s Medical Director for review. If the child qualifies for CHMS services, the Enrollment Orders and the Prescription for Therapy Services (DMS-640) are sent to the PCP for signature and referral for treatment. The Medical Director, with input from the multi-disciplinary team, will then determine the appropriate course of treatment to address the needs identified during evaluation. An individualized treatment plan is developed for each child, including any physician orders/prescriptions for services to be provided.

Children aged two through six will be re-evaluated at least annually to determine if there is continued need for services; children younger than two will be re-evaluated at least every six months. When it is determined that a child no longer has a medical need for therapy services, the treatment plan will be updated accordingly and services will be discontinued.

Day Treatment Program for Children with Developmental & Behavioral Health Issues in Arkansas

Ascent Children’s Health Services offers children and families different options for day treatment services. Our mental health day treatment program is designed for children who are struggling with mental health disorders while our developmental delay day treatment program is for children who are struggling to meet developmental milestones. Enrollment in either of our day treatment programs is preceded by an intake evaluation, which is conducted by a fully qualified health professional. Information from the evaluation is used to assess the child’s developmental and emotional condition and the diagnosis will determine if our program would appropriately fit the needs of the child.

The treatment approaches and various therapies will be created after several assessments that will allow the treatment team to best create a plan of care that meets all of a child’s needs. Parents will be included in the creation of a treatment plan to make sure that care is consistent across the spectrum. All treatment plans are reviewed every 90 days to ensure each child is getting the most effective treatment for their unique needs. Changes to treatment plans are made when it is deemed necessary.

The mental healthcare professionals will work directly with the child and their parents to develop an individualized treatment plan which will then be approved by one of our dedicated physicians or psychiatrists. In the behavioral health day treatment program, each child’s treatment team will include a physician, various therapists, and a licensed mental healthcare professional who is experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders. The behavioral health day treatment program includes a variety of different treatment techniques such as individual therapy, group sessions, and family therapy.

The developmental healthcare professional will work directly with the child and their parents to develop an individualized treatment plan which will go to our dedicated physicians for approval. In our developmental health day treatment program, each child’s treatment team will include various healthcare professionals, a physician, and a number of therapists to help each child reach their developmental goals for treatment. Our developmental health day treatment program includes a variety of techniques employed by therapists, early childhood specialists, and medical health professionals as needed. Other methods may include psychological testing, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and play therapy sessions, all of which are provided by childhood developmental professionals and paraprofessionals.

When the treatment team determines that a child no longer needs the services provided in the day treatment program and can be effectively treated in a less restrictive environment, a discharge plan will be design to make a smooth transition into the child’s next level of care.

Outpatient Treatment Program for Children with Developmental & Behavioral Health Issues in Arkansas

Ascent Children’s Health Services strives to be a community leader in children’s developmental and behavioral health. We provide early intervention for toddlers, children, and teenagers who have applicable developmental and behavioral health concerns. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals strives to treat the whole child nutritionally, medically, educationally, and cognitively to pave the way for their future successes in the world. We enhance our client’s maximum level of development and readiness for entering the world and we provide several levels of care for our patients.

Our outpatient program offers mental health, physical, occupational, and speech therapy services upon referral from your child’s physician. Our child-focused treatment team will conduct a variety of evaluations to determine the types and level of services needed by your child and will create an individualized plan of care for each child who comes to us. We’ll work on an outpatient basis to make certain your child is reaching his or her potential while promoting independence and fostering a sense of self-esteem to allow your child the opportunity to succeed in the world.

Ascent Children’s Health Services is proud to offer such a wide array of services for those in our community. For families in our care, we offer a 24-hour on-call and crisis line for families in need of emergency care. Whatever your child’s needs, Ascent Children’s Health Services will work to meet them.

School-based Treatment Program for Children with Developmental & Behavioral Health Issues in Arkansas

Ascent offers a school-based program for children in the public and private school system. Our staff communicates with area school counselors who can refer children in need of mental health services in the scholastic setting. Our school-based program offers individual & group therapy, family counseling sessions, medication management, and a wide array of other services needed to help children struggling with mental illness to succeed. We’ll create an individualized plan of care based upon your child’s needs and consistently reevaluate our methods and care plan to ensure your child is receiving the best, empirically-validated behavioral health care available.